1. How is the data secured?

All the data is transformed to the server in code, through the 128-bit SSL connection.
There is a private connection established between the server and the bank. Moreover, we save all informations on our server encrypted with a 2048bit key and saved are only the last four digits of a credit card, the name of its owner and their address, so that the whole data cannot be used for next purchase.
2. How can I register?

You can register at www.Interbank.com, after which you will receive the contract and the data.
When we have received the valid contract we will activate your account for credit card processing.
If you should wish to have your own merchant account in means of your own billing descriptor. The procedure is the same as for other packets, but it takes approximately a month to do it because a contract must be closed directly with the bank.

3. How can I keep a record of the business in my online shop and the state of processing?

When registered you will get the information needed to register at the site that keeps operation records. On this website you will also be able to confirm or reject orders. You will also be able to supervise the state of orders.

4. Which credit cards does the processing centre accept?

We can process and type of credit card for which we have the connection with a bank.
Currently we have connections to various banks which allow us to process EuroCard/MasterCard, Diners, Activa, American Express and VISA.

5. Is there a chance of processing other credit cards?

In Interbank we will always tend to negotiate contracts for processing other credit cards as well.
We are connected to the world banks so that we will be among the first to learn about such possibilities.

6. Does the programme supervise the stock of selling products?

No. We recommend that you remove the link to the product that is out of stock. In case you have received an order anyway, we would suggest immediate cancelling through the controlling website. There are 28 days available for you to confirm or cancel an order, which is the same amount of time when the funds on costumers' credit cards are earmarked. If you cancel an order, we will not charge the costumer for it.

7. How long does it take for the order to be processed and confirmed?

After the customer has ordered a product, we send him a confirmation message from Interbank to their e-mail. The message the customer receives is only a written confirmation of the received order, and it is not obligatory. It becomes obligatory when the order is confirmed on the controlling website. For every confirmed order you should charge it to the customer's account in accordance to the value added tax and according to the registered economic activities of the company.

8. How can I check the status of a transaction?

When you registered with our service, you were provided with the number of your terminal and the password. Use them to register with our controlling website (https://www.Interbank.com).
You will be able to check status of a transaction in the online system provided.

If you wish to contact us press here.